HTML or Hypertext Markup Language and CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are the two of the core technologies used for building the Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, and CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices.
SEO-Widers InfoTech ‘s focus is to create a professional environment that embedded you with IT industry required skills to start and build your career as a web developer or as an Entrepreneur creating his enterprise. SEOWiders InfoTech is the Best Website Designing Training Course in Indore.
The Course deals with Creating and Maintaining websites, which is based on core areas necessary for the creation of websites these are taught by certified trainers having a corporate experience of teaching and working.

website design course

The course provides overall web development which includes:

We guide people from every background to change their lives via our career-oriented short term courses in Indore. Our evening and online course focus on college students and full/part-time employees.

Basic HTML

  • How Website Works?
  • What Is Graphic Design
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Hyperlink
  • Images
  • List
  • Form
  • Table


  • Basic Use Of CSS
  • Formatting The Page With CSS
  • Understanding Bootstrap
  • Understanding DIV
  • Make A Simple Website Using DIV/CSS
  • Creating Menu With CSS


  • What is WordPress
  • What is dataBase
  • WordPress Instalation
  • Page/post Creation
  • Use of Plugins
  • Creating Menu
  • Theme selection


  • What is Photoshop
  • Understand Tools
  • Photo Editing
  • Creating Banners
  • Create One Website Layout

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